Return Of Satguru Ram Singh Ji

For sometime now, I have been questioning myself, is Satguru Ram Singh Ji coming ?. At the moment, with Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji’s Kirpa (blessing), I ‘do’ believe that He's definitely coming and I’ve even heard Satguruji quote a date in the year 2012; which means that there is only 4years left from now.

Eventually Satguru Gobind Singh Ji, Satguru Ram Singh Ji, Satguru Hari Singh Ji, Satguru Partap Singh Ji and our present Satguru Ji told us that Satguru Ram Singh Ji will come at a time when there will hardly be any Sikhs left, and Dharam (religion) will be close to extinction.

Now if we look closely at ourselves, it is quite clear visible that the quantity of us, Namdhari Sikhs is growing, however it is not the same as it was 50 years in the past. Simple thing are like eating out, wearing blue & black, going to cinema’s etc.These things are growing more common, and many of us have started to think that it's ok to do all of this because times have changed. For me this is a clear example of Kalyug (Today's period) because Kalyug doesn’t kill anyone with a stick or guns, it kills your shardha (belief) and affects your thinking. You will slowly think that you are doing nothing wrong, and the more you its happening, the stronger your ego gets and you start to feel that what you are doing is right. When we walk out of our line(our dharam,religion) for the first time, we will feel bad and guilty. And when the line is crossed regularly, that guiltiness gradually decreases and the line faints until it’s no longer visible.

As we are worrying and people start asking: When Are They Come? Are They ‘EVEN’ Going To Come? we can feel that the time is near, anyhow it's no longer a feeling when Satguru Partap Singh Ji and Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji says “Sama bahut nere arya” (the time is very close), which is only 4 years!

So we have time only 4 years before things gets very serious and extremely dangerous. How are we preparing ourselfs for that? We also know that Satguru Ram Singh Ji will come at Kuntisar (near Rawalsar, Mandi, Himachal Pardesh) and will definitely come to Sri Bhani Sahib. So on that day when He comes, will we be ready to catch a flight? This all is not that important, the most important thing is we should do Naam Simran (recite the holy word, mediation) with full concentration and never forget our Satguru Ji no matter what happens.

written by Kirpal Singh (edited by gursikhs)

2012 - Gursikhs