End Of Kalyug (Today's Period)

Description of Kalyug in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib

Sri Dasam Granth Sahib says, at the end of Kalyug and in the beginning of Satyug, the Almighty will incarnate himself for the protection of poor and down trodden. And will perform wonderful happenings and destroy the enemies. It will appear for the destruction of sins and will be known as Kalki Avtar, the Kalki incarnation. What will happen in Kalyug before Kalki Avtar appears is described and prophesied in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib as under:

"When the earth is pushed downwards by the weight of sins and the sufferings become unbearable, all types of crimes are committed; the mother sleeps in the same bed with her son. The daughter unhesitatingly will have illicit relations with her father. The sister embraces her brother. The brother takes pleasure with the sister and the wife is discarded. The people will loose all moral and ethical values and no one will recognise each other. The beautiful women will indulge in adultery and forget the real family love and the traditions of religion.

In every home false hood will prevail and the truth will be eclipsed. The truth will not be found, even if one searches for it, the minds of people will be absorbed in the falsehood. Nobody will talk of Shastras and Smritis.

There will be no true Hindu or a true Muslim. There will be diverse thinking in every home. No one will follow the established path of religion but will oppose each other. The earth will be pressured under the weight of wrong doings and nobody will abide by the religious tents. Every home will have a separate belief. Nobody will follow one religion. The subjects will become hybrid and no one will remain high cast in the whole world but will do such things that they all become lowly.

All will proclaim themselves as Lords. Youngsters will not respect the elders. In every home such people will take birth who will declare themselves as Ram. No one will even by mistake read Puranas and no one will hold the Quran in their hands. The one who will hold Vedas in his hands, will be killed by burning him in the fire of cow dung.

The story of sin will be prevalent everywhere in the whole world and the Dharma will flee from the hearts of the people. Every home will have different belief of its own.

The valuable caste system will disappear and will discard the old rich culture of the society.

The people will not follow any of the religion. There will be disobedience to the Scriptures of Hinduism, various religions will be prevalent in different homes and no one will follow the established path of religion."

Ultimately at the end of Kalyug ‘Kalki’ incarnation will appear and destroy the evil and will promote his religion and stop the people to do the immoral deeds. He will stop the sufferings of sages and saints and will give them protection. After destroying the evil doers, the eminence of Kalki will spread.

Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha writes in the Encyclopaedia of Sikh literature (Mahan Kosh) about Kalki Avtar: “ At the time of intense and horrible Kalyug, Kalki incarnation will manifest and exterminate all sinners. And will emerge as conqueror after eradicating all the doers of immoral acts.”

2012 - Gursikhs